As a Clinician, You

Of the $250 Billion

Coaching and Course Industry

So Will You Take It?

What if you could:

Charge premium prices with confidence?

Ditch dollars-per-hour and explode your income ceiling?

Have complete schedule freedom and never again miss the important stuff?

And what if all you had to do

was shift your work-identity the tiniest bit

and call yourself

Clinician...and Coach


Therapist...and Consultant


Counselor...and Course Creator?

Would you do it?


Therapists just like you are moving into the lucrative Coaching and Consulting worlds right now.


You deserve to be there, too.

  • Never spend another minute fighting with insurance to get paid.

  • Never feel that awful pit in your stomach when your 3rd client of the week cancels. 

  • Never sit with that client you dread but can't refer out because you need the money.

  • Never work another evening or weekend session.

  • Never have to feel the guilty reality that the work has gotten...a little boring. 

But you're thinking

Coaching & Consulting?

Isn't that just therapy-lite?

Wouldn't that be going backwards?

Don't people have less respect for coaches than clinicians?

And the answers are no, no, and no.


The best Coaches are taking over the world in multiple sectors.



Companies hire Coaches & Consultants to work with their executives every single day, in every state, in every country.



Teams hire Coaches to move everyone's mental game to the next level, knowing full well the inner game controls the the outer performance.



Entrepreneurs hire coaches every day to hit their business goals, overcome mindset hurdles, and help them define their strengths.



Individuals hire coaches for everything under the sun: parenting issues, relationships, dating, performance anxiety, creativity, money, mindfulness...and the list goes on. 

As a trained Clinician,

you are the most perfect person

to step in and claim your share of the

$250 billion Coaching and Consulting world.

(Pssst: even if all you ever earned was 4/10,000ths of one percent of a $250 billion industry...

you’dve earned a million dollars. Just sayin’.)

You've been curious about it for a while, but you haven't moved forward because...

  • You’re worried about how it all works with your license.

  • You think you need another pricey certificate.

  • The thought of building a new website makes you want to crawl in a cave and rock back and forth.

  • You’re afraid your colleagues won't respect the move.

  • You’re an introvert...or at least you become one when you think about putting yourself and your work out there more publicly.

  • You tried to launch a book/course/coaching package once and nobody bought, so you threw in the towel.

I know these worries because

I coach people just like you every day,

and because I had all the same worries!

But then I hit six-figures my first year as a Consultant,

working from home around my crazy parenting-schedule, and I never looked back.

Emma Donovan


Therapist & Coach

Full disclosure: I had insomnia the three nights before signing up for C2C. It was everything I needed, but as I was working for a local wage in Thailand, the price tag was FAT for me. I laid awake at night wondering if signing up for the course was the right decision. 


But I made the leap. Have I regretted it? Not one bit. Because building something that is uniquely yours that you can share with the world is PRICELESS. Having support from Katie (who knows her shit) and 50 other passionate, helpful therapists is PRICELESS. And learning how to do things right the first time and not puttering around feeling confused and second-guessing yourself is PRICELESS. 


I cannot believe how much I have learned and grown over the past month and a half. 


Don’t get me wrong. It hasn’t been for the faint of heart. Katie was right when she said that this was one of the biggest personal growth projects we will take on in our lifetime. But it’s one I’ve been so thankful to go on with Katie. If you’re dedicated to becoming a coach, helping your ideal clients, and being able to live life on your terms, this course is for you. I would not be where I am today without Katie’s help.

Ready for the Real Deal?

Coaching is no problem with your license at all,

as long as you follow some key steps.

You DON'T need a certificate to Coach

and you're already more qualified than most people doing it!

Colleagues might judge you?

Think of them fondly each time your New Payment alert dings.

(I had six different people scoff when I announced what I was doing...and later come back asking me to teach them how.)

Think you're too introverted?

That's why you need feel-good, strengths-based strategies.

(Because we're ALL introverts when we put ourselves out there in a new way!)

But you tried and failed before?

It's because you didn't perfect your online marketing. Period.

(If you have zero interest in knowing effective online marketing strategies, click away. There's no point in trying without them.)

But you're still afraid of the tech?

Keep. Freaking. Reading.

I'm about to erase your tech fears completely.

So What's in

Clinician to Coach?

Live, Active Training Modules + Group

No more lonely nights! Meet your new tribe and work together live with Katie every week to get you running and making money in 2 months! You'll never be alone!

Done-for-You Website + Tech

No more tech headaches for YOU! A gorgeous website and sales funnel done for you with clear video tutorials to personalize it and live support if you get stuck!

Your New Biz, Created & Protected

Your Step-by-Step business-in-a-box so you can protect yourself and your license and create your dream business like a pro: not a hobbyist!




Create a Daily Mindset Practice that Makes Success Inevitable


Bulletproof Mindset Technique

Steal one of my favorite daily practices for keeping on track daily.

Quickly Manage Your State Anytime

Know exactly how to keep your energy and focus high.

End Your Imposter Syndrome

Stop repeating that old story and start kicking ass.

Easily Manage Negative Feedback

Let the doubters and naysayers eat your dust.

Step Into Your New Identity

Learn to make decisions from your successful future self.

Read and Listen List

Keep your energy up and your priorities clear anytime.

Melissa Larson


Therapist & Coach

When I found the Clinician to Coach offering I just knew I had to join. Every module was exactly spot on for a Clinician trying to jump into the Coaching world. I had tried 3-4 different ways to start my online coaching business before finding Katie’s program. I had even paid to have large programs that were supposed to “show me how to do the techy stuff”, but all these programs fell flat.


Nothing out there is like Katie’s materials. She BUILDS your SITE FOR YOU!  All you have to do then is focus your efforts on content, which for a Clinician is a lot easier head space to be then in tech world! 


Once I got started I really became hooked to fixing it all, colors, fonts, sizes, moving things around and I became so comfortable with changing my site, which is what I WANTED!  I did not want a website that I didn’t know how to fix later!


Katie was always available to help, always answered her emails and the Facebook group engagement was very high. I believe fully that without this help from Katie I would have likely never realized this dream of mine. I would have been stuck on someone else’s site where they were going to “help me” build my site-but never built it.


You don’t need to spend the next 6 months building your site, WE did it in 8 weeks! And the time was spent on content and optimizing the potential engagement with clients who land on the page! Katie takes care of everything for you, then she teaches you how to engage clients with your content!


Protect Your License


Protect Yourself and Your License Step-by Step for Zero Overwhelm

Understanding the Basics

How do you protect yourself and the license you worked for?

The Legal Docs You Need 

The what, where, and how of exactly what legals docs you need.

What to Ask Your Board

What are the Q's you NEED to ask your Board to protect yourself?

Setting Up for Success

LLC? S-Corp? The easiest ways to get what's right for you!

The Backend Systems to Simplify EVERYTHING

Step-by-step video tutorials of the exact systems for simplicity + success!

Kicking Overwhelm to the Curb

We'll do one small bit of nitty gritty together each week so overwhelm stays at bay!

Tracie Giffin


Therapist & Coach

When I decided to launch into the coaching arena, I wanted to combine my clinical skills with coaching services for  a specific population that would benefit from my knowledge and experience.


I had no idea where to start  or how to grow a coaching business...then I found Katie!


Not only did she take me step-by-step through the development process, she provided much-needed support when I started to have doubt, insecurities, and feel overwhelmed. Her dedication to my success speaks volumes to her integrity and ability! A big shout-out to Katie Read for all you've done for me!!




Choose Your Ideal Client and Create an Irresistible Initial Offer

Counseling v Consulting v Coaching

What do you call yourself? What are the differences?

What Impact Will You Have?

What calls you to this work? What changes will YOU create?

Your Perfect Client, Defined

Who is your Ideal Client and how do we speak directly to her heart?

Choosing a Profitable Niche

The niches to pursue and those to avoid while you build.

How to Package Your Perfect Services

No more week-to-week services! Uplevel your income and reduce your stress with packages.

Price Like a Boss, Even if it Scares You

Learn the psychology of premium pricing and exactly how to price well...even if it's scary!

Craig Watson


Therapist & Consultant

I joined Clinician to Coach to get help separating the nuances between my different businesses and formulate a plan to grow my consulting business.


Katie helped me hone my plan of action and launch my consulting business to the next level while providing the resources to make sure everything was done using best practices.




Create a Highly-Converting Work-With-Me Page with all the Tech DONE FOR YOU!

What Goes on a Work-with-Me Page to Make it Convert?

Get this page right and watch your new business take off with clients, or get it wrong and drift around...

Crazy-Conversion Copy Formula

Time to learn my CLEAR COPY formula for pages that convert clients!

What's a Funnel and How Does this Page Fit In?

A funnel is your secret to attracting clients on autopilot...and I'm building this one FOR you!

Simple Sexy Tech: Gorgeous, Easy, Done for You

Not joking. I'm giving you all the tech you need to run your biz simply with no tech-headaches!


I'm Building Your Offer Page For You

You heard me. I'm building the page for you. All you have to do is plug in YOUR words, change colors or fonts as needed, and GO. Your page will connect seamlessly to your calendar, your checkout form...whatever you need! And you'll get step-by-step video tutorials on exactly how to get it live, plus support in the group if you get stuck at any point!

Andrea Villa


Therapist & Coach

Katie's Clinician to Coach program has helped me create everything needed to meet my coaching business goals, from narrowing down a niche to getting all the technical requirements in place.  Katie has been so inspiring, amazing, and helpful every step of the way!




Create a Simple, Sexy Website with all the Tech DONE FOR YOU!

What to Write on Your Most Important Pages

What goes on the Home Page? The About Page? What do you put where for the best effect?

Step-by-Step Copywriting from a Pro

Take it from a pro copywriter: your copy can make or break your success! Write it right.

How Copy and Design Work Together Perfectly

Great copy is still dead without good design. Learn top design secrets, even if you're NOT artistic.

Your Coaching Site v Your Therapy Site

What should be different? How alike can they be? How much can you show who you are, and should you?


I'm Building Your Website For You

You heard me again. The site is built. All you have to do is plug in YOUR words, change colors or fonts as needed, and GO. And you'll get step-by-step video tutorials on exactly how to personalize and get it live, plus support in the group if you get stuck at any point! Tech fears, eliminated. If you have your own system and prefer not to use this one, NO problem! You'll still get the full page templates so you can copy the layouts or use for inspiration!

Beth Kelley, 


Therapist & Consultant

I don't sign up for online  classes. I kinda hate Facebook. And somehow Katie Read broke through and in a moment - where spontaneity meets need, I signed up for her Clinician to Coach program.


She has been a tremendous help as I launched my coaching business. Katie is smart, down-to-earth, clear and is loaded with knowledge. I highly recommend working with Katie, you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish with Katie in your corner.




Attract the First 100 People Onto Your Email List

Create Your Content Strategy

What do you write about? Talk about? This guided strategy will make it easy!

Lead Magnets that Convert Your Clients

How does a lead magnet work and what makes a good one? Get live support on yours!

Professional-Looking Freebies w Zero Design Skills

Anyone can create gorgeous design, FREE. with these video tutorials. 

Optin-Page Secrets of the Pros

An Optin Page is a totally unique page on your website. Learn exactly what YOURS needs.


I'm Building Your Optin Page For You

No joke, again, I'm building the page for you...and get this: it will be automatically connected to your email sequence. All you have to do is plug in YOUR words, change colors or fonts as needed, and GO. You'll collect new client leads in your sleep! And you'll get step-by-step video tutorials on exactly how to get it live, plus support in the group if you get stuck at any point!

Jenny Emerson


Therapist & Coach

I owe a huge amount of gratitude for this course, Katie. I am learning so much, especially when it comes to technology, copyrighting, marketing strategies, calls-to-action, etc.


I am becoming a much better business owner. Plus I can already feel the freedom that comes with having an online business and not being tied to an office!




Turn Your New Subscribers Into Eager Fans & Clients

Understand the Exact Purpose of your Email List

Why do you need one and what purpose will it serve in your biz? 

Create an Initial Sequence that Gets Calls

WTH do you actually write? Bye bye, guesswork! You'll know it all.

Create Your Personal & Brand Story Archive

Tell stories that matter! Compile YOUR list of stories the right way.

Avoid the Mistakes the Other Coaches are Making

Don't be the annoying emailer. Learn  what to do and not to do!


I'm Building Your Initial Email Sequence For You

You heard it right again. I'm giving you a complete "swipe file," or email sequence to customize. All the tech will be taken care of, so when someone opts in from your optin page, they'll get their freebie plus your follow-up emails, seamlessly! And you'll get step-by-step video tutorials on exactly how to get it live, plus support in the group if you get stuck at any point!

Julia Ayraud


Therapist & Coach

Katie has helped increase my confidence in building a coaching business from the ground up! Her expertise and knowledge are invaluable! She makes it fun building a coaching business and her creative side helps you consider things you haven't thought of before. I highly recommend working with Katie Read!




Develop a No-Stress, Feel-Good Marketing Strategy Based on Your Strengths

Know Exactly Which Soc Media Platforms to Use

Every platform attracts a different crowd. Narrow down where your clients hang out & what's easy for you.

Optimize +


Know what to post where and what to write where for maximum traction when YOU create!

Create Your No-Stress Content-Mover Plan

The No-Stress Batch Plan you NEED to stay on top of social and hit #influencer status.

Finally Announce Your New Venture!

Deep breath! We'll throw open the doors together and bring our new ventures into the spotlight!



No one is creative every day. Take an afternoon to create and several months of content, and steal my exact plan for creating what's easiest for YOU, then repurposing it in several different ways (instead of creating alllll the time).  Busy people don't always WANT a business to explode overnight, so organic and content marketing can set the pace that feels right to you!

Eleni Economides


Therapist & Coach

I stumbled upon Katie a little over a year ago when I got my hands on her freebie about how to create good copy for my therapy website. It was clear, concrete and full of advice and guidance.


I used all her tips and suddenly prospective clients started calling me because they had found my website and most of them said "What you say on your website is happening to us and it looks like you might know how to help us." BOOM!


Since then I have taken several of her courses and all of them have been very informative and fun! I am now learning from her how to scale my business and how to transition into coaching.




Plan and Understand How to Grow Quickly When You're Ready to!

OPAs: Other People's Audiences

Growing solo can be hard! Know how to approach folks with bigger audiences to help you grow!

Feel-Good Marketing; Use Your Strengths

Stepping too far outside our comfort zones is hard! Use YOUR strengths to max impact.

Paid Traffic Basics and Overview

What are the basics of paid traffic and what programs does it work best for? Is it for you? Find out!

Affiliate Marketing: A Little Help From Your Friends

How can becoming an affiliate or bringing on affiliates help your growth...and bottom line?



Get ALL your questions answered! Should you use ads? How much should you spend? Are they even worth it? How should you approach a podcaster (or major blogger) to get them excited about having YOU as a guest (and growing YOUR audience!)? 


Yoshie W.

The Adoptive Parents Courage Coach

It is GREAT to work with Katie! 


She helped me stay focused with a clear way forward to the next step.  Her enthusiasm and honest feedback were so helpful and valuable! 


I've taken a really expensive course from one of the biggies in the coaching industry and got MORE learning from Katie. 


If you are a clinician wanting to get into coaching, DO NOT HESITATE to take her course. 

You Want Bonuses? We Got Bonuses!

  • Bonus Bundle of Joy #1

    Your Complete Website & Marketing Strategy

     (Value: $9997)

    You'll receive simple, customizable, interconnected templates for:

    • Your Home Page
    • Your Work with Me/Sales Page
    • Your About Me Page
    • Your Optin/Freebie Page
    • Your Checkout Page,
    • Your Thank You Page, and
    • Your Initial Email Sequence.
    • They're interconnected and ready for you to customize with step-by-step video instructions! More in the FAQs section, below!
  • Bonus Bundle of Joy #2

    The Grow-Your-Adoring-Fans Bundle (Value: $597)

    In a few hours you can plan and schedule month's worth of blogs and social media posts...painlessly! You'll get:

    • My Blogging Idea Machine System
      • Never stare at the computer wondering what to write again!
    • My Social Media Mastery System
      • You can't Facebook all day. Plan months of posts in a few minutes!
    • My Content Multiplier System
      • You spent way too long on that blog post to have it die out, barely noticed. Steal my plug-and-play system to get TONS of traction on your blogs, videos, and posts, and use my secret method to create weekly content in 5 minutes flat!
  • Bonus Bundle of Joy #3

    Your Fast-Growth Tutorial Pack: (Value: $597)

    When you're ready to grow fast, you're curious about advertising and getting in front of other people's audiences as a podcast guest! You'll get:

    • Facebook Ads Getting StartedTutorial
      • Let my ads expert show you step-by-step how to get started and which types of ads give you the most bang for your buck!
    • Podcast Guesting Tutorial
      • Let my Podcast-host friends teach you exactly what they're looking for in a great podcast guest, and how the best applicants jump off the page and get an invite!
  • Live, Ongoing Support from Katie

    Weekly Live Q & A Office Hours with Katie 

    I'm here for any questions at all, and will be your accountability buddy, cheerleader, motivator, and instructor. I'm also a freaking laser-beam when it comes to knowing the EXACT words and messaging you need to attract YOUR ideal clients (just ask any of my current clients). Now it's your turn for targeted advice to get it right!

  • Live, Ongoing Tech Support

    Tech Q's Answered Daily by a Kartra Expert

    We're giving you a LOT of new tech, and even though it's the easiest and most cost-effective system out there, it has a learning curve! Ask our Tech Expert all YOUR questions and get all the support you need in our active group!

  • New Tribe, New BFFs, Round-the-Clock Support

    Lively, Active, Supportive Facebook Group

    Our Facebook Group will be there for you around the clock to ask questions, get ideas, cheer on your peers, and develop a new tribe of people just like you, claiming their share of the coaching industry one brave & ballsy step at a time!

  • I'm Not Going Anywhere!

    Clini-Coach Ongoing Group Participation

    Life happens! Stay in our lively and active Facebook group for a whole year so you never have to feel rushed or behind and can go at the pace of YOUR life! Plus, your access to course materials is ongoing, so you can use them for all your future projects!


Meet Your New Instructor

Hi, I'm Katie Read.

I've been an LMFT forever, directed large agencies, taught grad school, supervised 40+ interns, written psych training materials, and had practices in different cities.


Mostly, though, I'm ridiculously good at honing in on exactly what my clients need to do to grow with THEIR unique personalities and skill sets. 


I'm a working mom, so I don't have a spare minute to waste.


I started from absolute ground-zero as a consultant, bootstrapped EVERYTHING, learned as I went..and still hit 6-figures my first year. 


Listen, there's a lot of confusing crap out there promising you an overnight-miracle-millionaire system. 


This is not that. If you're reading this page, you're too smart for that anyway. This stuff takes work, but I've removed every single barrier standing in your way, from the tech to the social media to the planning and marketing.


If you put in the work, I'm giving you a step-by-step path to success with me right there with you live every step of the way. 


You can buy a lot of courses about how to launch a Coaching business and learn digital marketing, but NONE are focused on the specific legal and ethical issues therapists face and no other coach is handing you website templates, sales pages, and email funnels to plug-and-play. 

    16 hrs

    Video Lessons




    Training Modules


    Support Group

    Frequently asked questions

    How do these website templates work?

    What will I get access to when I join?

    What if something comes up in my life?

    But can't I just put a coaching page on my website?

    What if I'm not sure what I could coach?

    But what if I'm not (techie, good at design, good at video, a good writer, etc.)?

    All the info you need about

    how to OUTgrow your therapy office 
    can be found in the FREE Masterclass

    at the link below. 


    Just sign up, sit with the info, and learn if titles like...




    ... or Course Creator


    are in your future!


    • Free Updates

      You will get all future course updates for free so you have the very latest information without ever paying again.

    • Personal Support

      Katie will be with you every step of the way in our active & private Facebook Group.

    • Ongoing Access

      You will have ongoing access to the course materials so you can use them at your pace, plus ongoing access to our live group!

    • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

      If you join and realize the Course is not for you for any reason, you're welcome to request a full refund within 14 days!

    © Copyright 2019  Katie Read