I'm Katie Read,

and I help therapists

grow and OUTgrow their private practices!

I'm Katie Read,

and I help therapists

make more money

doing work they love.

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Creating your dream practice comes down to a simple 3-step system:


1. Perfect Website

2. Perfect PT Profile

3. Referral-Maximizer on Repeat


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Six Figure Flagship is the premier program of its kind, taking you step by step from idea, to launch, to scaling your Six-Figure Flagship program to run on autopilot. 


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I'm Katie, I've been an LMFT forever, directed large agencies, taught grad school, supervised 40+ interns, written psych training materials, spoken at conferences, and had practices in various cities.


I'm also the creator of:

The Clinician to Coach® Academy,

The Clini-Coach® Certification,

and the Six-Figure Flagship™ Program. 


I'm a little bit obsessed with helping you get profitable doing the creative, out-of-the-box, authentic work you're called to do. 

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    Susan Taylor, LMSW

    Therapist, Coach, Author

    I have more confidence now in my ability to get cash pay clients: I wasn't so confident when we met!

    It's really because working with you changed my perspective on how I can help people and get paid for it without going broke and I CAN make a living well beyond what I thought possible Thank you so much, Katie. You've changed my life and you're changing the lives of many others.

    Therapist, Speaker, Author

    Katie has really instilled confidence in me with her transparency as well as compassion. She was able to help me branch out into new areas beyond the office even as I just start out in private practice! I am an Entrepreneur, Therapist, Speaker, and Author! One thing I appreciate is how she let me know I am manifesting these things myself. So yes, while I received invaluable guidance, I feel empowered to know it's me that's doing it!

    Jenny Emerson, LMFT

    Therapist and Coach

    It has been a huge relief having Katie in my corner. I was completely overwhelmed when I was trying to figure out the transformation from therapist to coach. I knew I wanted an online business and I knew I wanted to grow a national if not international audience but had no clue how to do it. She has shown me step by step and answered so many questions. Katie makes overwhelming processes doable! Thanks Katie for showing me how I can make my dreams reality. 

    Melanie Taylor, LPC

    Group Practice Owner and Coach

    Wins since investing in myself and my business: 

    1. New awesome website and PT profile attracting great clients.
    2. I can see the bigger picture outside my therapy office.
    3. I am in this amazing group going through some of the same things I am.
    4. My income has freaking doubled!
    5. I met Katie and her influence on me has me wanting to have this same influence on therapists leaving agencies for PP
    6. I find myself more confident in other areas of LIFE, not just business.
    7. I'm starting to LOVE where my life is going, and that feels just awesome!

    Melissa Harrison, LMFT

    Therapist and Coach

    Katie is seriously the best!!! I lurked on her free stuff for a few months, put her tips in action, and my therapy practice exploded with my ideal clients! Who pay my full fee! Yay!

    All her free stuff went so well that I decided to *gasp* PAY for her course. The fact that I would put down my hard-earned money speaks highly of Katie and how much I trust her wisdom. All I can say it, it's been totally worth it! Katie has that special way of making me want to actually listen and DO it, not just sit around and read about it. Her support and encouragement has helped keep me from procrastinating by reading all-the-things and actually do what WORKS. Thanks Katie!!!!

    Katie Read, LLC