What if your website was so good that every single time

your Ideal Clients landed on it,

they called? 

  • Stop Guessing What to Write

    You need step-by-step copywriting instructions.

  • Stop Guessing What Pages You Need

    You're overwhelming your clients. Understand exactly WHAT pages you need and what to put on each page.

  • Stop Guessing What Marketers Know

    Marketers know website secrets based on years of research into client behavior. Don't worry...I'm spilling all the beans so you can use marketing psychology on every. Single. Page.

After the

Website Whisperer Masterclass You Will Know EXACTLY How to Write...

  • Your Home Page

    Your most important page! What to include, what to leave out, how to bring out your voice and personality, and layouts for max effectiveness.

  • Your Speciality Pages

    Now we drill down into the internal life of your clients! If you can show them you understand, they will trust that you have the answers and can help

  • Your About Me Page

    This page was never about you, my friend, despite the name. Learn how to write directly to your Ideal Client...even as you write about yourself!

  • Your FAQs Page

    What do you say? What do you leave out? How can you find the hidden objections your client might be holding and overcome them here?

You'll also come out knowing...

Is the Blank Slate Dead?

What can you say and can't you say about yourself? Does self-disclosure cross an ethical line? Can you stay totally blank slate to protect your privacy, and will you still attract clients if you do?

Should I List My Fees?

There are arguments for and against. I'll help you weigh the pros and cons as they apply to your situation, and I'll give you my opinion about what works best!

How Do I Make a Logo?

I'll show you exactly how I've created all my logos the free and easy way, and give you the best inexpensive resources if you want to hire out! Plus, logo secrets for effective, memorable logos!

Plus, These

BONUS Secrets!

  • Photography Secrets 

    What pictures do you need? What poses should you get? Is an Iphone pic ok?  Is there a psychology to effective headshots? (Pssst: Um, yes.)

  • SEO Necessities

    SEO is a long game, so start your site off on the right foot with an understanding of SEO basics that won't overwhelm you!

  • Color Psychology Secrets

    Know which button colors get clicked the most? Learn this + find your perfect branding colors! Bootstrap design like a boss!

  • Call to Action Secrets

    Know why people don't take action on websites? They need clear, concise calls-to action! What to write and where for max effect!

Website Whisperer Masterclass is...

Self- paced

Learn on your terms, anytime, from any device!


Short videos and brief, actionable lessons...so you can actually finish!

DIY or Professional

Whether you're building or hiring out design, know exactly what you need!


Course access and navigation is clear, simple, and intuitive!

Lifetime Access

That's right! Build a site now, build a new site later...you'll still have access!


Changed your mind? Just let us know in the first 7 days for a full refund!


Katie Read, LMFT & Consultant

After directing large mental health agencies, teaching grad school, and opening private practices in multiple cities, I became a consultant for other mental health pros, teaching you marketing and helping you grow...and then OUTgrow your practice!

Website Whisperer Includes:

  • Module One:


    Deciding How to Build and Host Your Site

    • DIY vs. Designer
    • Self-Hosting Options vs. Paid Monthly Hosting Options/Pros and Cons of Each
    • Divi vs. Squarespace
    • My recommendations for affordable site design companies
  • Module Two:


    How a Therapist Should Create Branding

    • What is Branding and Why Should You Worry About it? 
    • What are the best free and affordable tools to develop your logo, brandboard, color scheme, fonts, and overall theme of your site (DIY tools plus affordable ways to hire out!)?
  • Module Three:


    Step-by-Step Copywriting Instructions

    • Exactly what pages do YOU need?
    • Write your site exactly as a pro copywriter would, step-by-step with specific directions for every page.
    • Easily check if your site is  too clinical or too brainiac to attract clients!
  • Module Four:


    Design, Flow, and User Experience

    • Whether DIY or hiring, what should you look for in a web template given YOUR particular needs?
    • What are the MUST-HAVES that will sharply increase your calls?
    • What is UX, and how can you understand the UX of your site to maximize your client calls?


    Headshot Secrets

    • What feelings do different poses invoke?
    • What shots do you NEED to get for a modern website?
    • How are you lessening your authority in pictures without even knowing it?


    Color Psychology Secrets

    • What button colors are the most likely to be clicked?
    • What do your brand colors say about you?
    • How should you choose your colors?


    SEO Necessities

    • End your SEO fear and confusion TODAY. 
    • Understand the basics of how SEO works so you can set your website up right from the beginning.
    • Understand how to use blogging to boost your SEO, and learn simple SEO tools you'll love!


    CTA Secrets

    • Which calls-to-action are the most effective? 
    • Where should you put CTAs on your site for max engagement? 
    • What is the #1 thing therapists forget about CTAs?

Short Video Lessons

for Self-Paced Learning

Not an overwhelming course you give up on after a few modules. Short, digestible, actionable video lessons.

All the Links You Need + 

Supporting PDFs

Everything you need from the lessons right there in each module. No hunting around in the dark for links or PDFs!

Risk-Free Guarantee +

Lifetime Access

7-Day Money Back Guarantee Plus Lifetime Access So You Can Use the Materials for Every Site You Create in the Future!

Just to be clear:

Website Whisperer is NOT...

A Done-For-You Website

Build it yourself or hire out! We'll tell you our favorite resources for both DIY sites and paid design/building services, and the pros and cons to consider with each!

Done-For-You Copywriting

You'll get detailed, step-by-step instructions so you understand exactly how to write your own copy. This is a skill that will pay for itself many times over as your business grows!

A Walkthrough of How

to Build Your Own Site

We'll tell you our favorite DIY tools, but everyone has different preferences. This course does not give detailed instructions on how to build your website, but rather what to put in it for max success!


Susan Taylor, LMSW

Therapist and Coach

I have more confidence now in my ability to get cash pay clients: I wasn't so confident when we met!

It's really because working with you changed my perspective on how I can help people and get paid for it without going broke and I CAN make a living well beyond what I thought possible Thank you so much, Katie. You've changed my life and you're changing the lives of many others.

Melanie Taylor, LPC

Group Practice Owner and Coach

Wins since investing in myself and my business: 

  1. New awesome website and PT profile attracting great clients.
  2. I can see the bigger picture outside my therapy office.
  3. I am in this amazing group going through some of the same things I am.
  4. My income has freaking doubled!
  5. I met Katie and her influence on me has me wanting to have this same influence on therapists leaving agencies for PP
  6. I find myself more confident in other areas of LIFE, not just business.
  7. I'm starting to LOVE where my life is going, and that feels just awesome!

Melissa Harrison, LMFT

Therapist and Coach

Katie is seriously the best!!! I lurked on her free stuff for a few months, put her tips in action, and my therapy practice exploded with my ideal clients! Who pay my full fee! Yay!

All her free stuff went so well that I decided to *gasp* PAY for her course. The fact that I would put down my hard-earned money speaks highly of Katie and how much I trust her wisdom. All I can say it, it's been totally worth it! Katie has that special way of making me want to actually listen and DO it, not just sit around and read about it. Her support and encouragement has helped keep me from procrastinating by reading all-the-things and actually do what WORKS. Thanks Katie!!!!

So tell me...

Are you ready to become a Website Whisperer?

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  • Go at Your Own Pace

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